Mental Health Awareness Week is a special opportunity for kōrero about Mental Health in your workplace. To recognise and support this important dialogue, we have resources and activities on offer throughout the week – including a free webinar with one of our clinical psychologists, wellbeing resources available on demand and various Mental Health training options for your team.

Mental Health Awareness
For all staff

$1,500 exc. GST

1 in 5 New Zealanders will experience mental illness in every year, at least 1 in 2 in their life time. This means wherever you work it is likely you’ll be in contact with someone who might be struggling.

Research demonstrates that increasing knowledge about mental health and pre-planning how you would start a conversation with someone you’re worried about helps improve confidence and competence to follow up. Creating a culture where people are comfortable talking about mental health at work helps to reduce stigma and increase the likelihood that people will access mental health support when they need it.

Session objectives:

  1. Understand mental health and mental illness – what’s the difference?
  2. Recognise how to spot signs of stress and distress in yourself and colleagues.
  3. Learn useful tips on how to have safe conversations about mental health.

Sessions are 60-90 minutes. These are interactive, facilitated sessions delivered in person or online. In order to support this interactive style, our sessions are limited to 12 people for online sessions, and 30 for in person sessions.

“Thanks so much for organising this! I’ve been to a few stress related workshops by now but none of them were so well presented and entertaining as this one. Would love to see more material by Umbrella.”

– Weta Digital

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2-day masterclass for leaders (Wellington)

27-28 September 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

$1,700 exc. GST per person

This masterclass is designed to support leaders to effectively and confidently promote and protect mental health in their workplace.

Join Umbrella’s Registered Clinical Psychologist Dougal Sutherland in this two-day masterclass held in Wellington. Enhance your capability and confidence in supporting your organisation to flourish by promoting positive mental health as well as recognising and managing mental illness. Create a framework and language for talking about mental health that is empowering and proactive, instead of stigmatising and reactive.


  1. Increase your knowledge about stress, mental health and mental illness.
  2. Debunk common myths about mental illness, and identify the impact of discrimination.
  3. Identify common signs of mental illness.
  4. Recognise factors that have either a positive or negative influence on people’s mental health.
  5. Identify the causes of work-related stress and when stress turns into signs of something more serious.
  6. Learn a best-practice process on how to respond to suicide risk.
  7. Learn how to initiate and engage in compassionate conversations with colleagues you are concerned about (these conversations occur prior to leadership conversations).
  8. Learn effective, practical strategies to strengthen mental health and wellbeing at work and in your life, to enable you to flourish.


  1. Increase knowledge about your duty of care to protect the mental health of your people.
  2. Understand how stress and mental illness can impact negatively on employee productivity and wellbeing.
  3. Identify key principles alongside a best practice process for effectively managing mental health in the workplace.
  4. Learn and practise how to plan and carry out effective leadership conversations when concerned about a team member’s mental health. This includes when people become tearful, or don’t want to engage in conversation.
  5. Discuss how to integrate wellbeing conversations as part of your leadership ‘business as usual’.
  6. Highlight intervention and support strategies.
  7. Identify what stops people from engaging in support, and how to overcome these hurdles.
  8. Identify the key factors that determine psychologically healthy workplaces.
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Leading wellbeing kōrero in dispersed teams

Free webinar and Q&A
28 September at 10:00 – 11:00AM

Many organisations have experienced a significant shift in how their people work since 2020. With organisations seeking to leverage the benefits of flexible ways of working, this webinar is designed to get leaders to think about how their actions can promote wellbeing conversations and strengthen a wellbeing culture among team members working from dispersed locations.

Research suggests the need for managers to be intentional rather than spontaneous in their interactions with dispersed team members to more proactively support and engage with them.

We will also touch on the concept of psychological safety — the foundation of high performing teams — and how it functions in dispersed teams, followed by Q&A.

This webinar will be delivered by clinical psychologist Jasmine Harding. 


Umbrella has developed a series of bite-sized sessions focused on wellbeing and mental health at work.

$1,500 exc. GST

Overview topics include:

  • Strengthening resilience – an introduction
  • Mental health awareness – an introduction
  • Flourishing, the power of positive psychology
  • Shifting the frantic
  • Creating a culture of wellbeing in dispersed teams
  • Resilience during uncertain times

Sessions are 60-90 minutes. These are interactive, facilitated sessions delivered in person or online. In order to support this interactive style, our sessions are limited to 12 people for online sessions, and 30 for in person sessions.

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How is the wellbeing kōrero going at your organisation? Do you need help developing or updating your wellbeing strategy? Is your strategy informed by good data on the wellbeing strengths and challenges of your people?


LIVE on FB, LinkedIn, YouTube: How to develop an employee wellbeing strategy to thrive

Wednesday 29 September, 2:30PM

Join our free webinar hosted by Do Good Jobs. Umbrella’s organisational psychologist Kate Milburn will speak on the key factors to consider when developing an effective wellbeing strategy, and how you can use them to create better wellbeing outcomes for your people and your business.

We will send a link to this Live broadcast on 24 September via email.




Free Trial:Wellbeing Assessment 

Our Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment has been completed by more than 6,000 employees across New Zealand, helping employers get a better picture of how their people are doing, and the top factors influencing their wellbeing. If you are interested in testing the assessment to see how it could inform your wellbeing strategy, email us for a free trial below. 




Free Resource: Developing a Wellbeing Strategy 

Umbrella’s CEO Gaynor Parkin shares her thoughts on developing an effective wellbeing strategy in the free resource below. See how you can implement our six-stage process in your own organisation. For more insight or to find out how we can help you with your wellbeing strategy, get in touch.  


The Umbrella team supports Lads without Labels’ new initiative “The Ugly Boys Running Club” during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Lads without Labels is a student-led charity dedicated to improving men’s mental health in and around the University of Canterbury.

“The Ugly Boys Running Club will see 40 male UC students who are in no way competitive runners step up to the challenge of running the Queenstown half and full marathons in November. It is a huge undertaking for many, but shadows in comparison to the mental health struggles our peers battle – so this is for them. By training together regularly we hope to motivate each other to reach our respective goals. We recognise that men across NZ are deterred from taking the right steps forward in equipping themselves with tools to care for their health and wellbeing, so the Ugly Boys home to further normalise getting the right help. Through various fundraising activities and other community events, we hope to change the dialogue on campus for good.”

Check out their Movember group where they regularly update progress. With events and other fundraising activities planned, there are plenty of chances for you to get involved and join them in changing the conversation.

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Webinar on Strengthening Wellbeing in Times of Uncertainty on Monday 27 September, 1pm – 2pm | Zoom | Free to attend

We have partnered with Social Services Providers AotearoaComVoices to help them bring you this special event for Aotearoa’s community, NGO & Iwi social service sector kaimahi. As a worker in Aotearoa’s community, NGO & Iwi social service sector, you’re making an impact every day, helping children, rangatahi, families & hapori. It’s been an extra challenging time lately, doing this mahi in the context of COVID-19. That’s why SSPA and ComVoices decided to bring you this webinar.

It’s an inclusive, safe space for everyone working across the community, NGO & Iwi social sector to learn from registered clinical psychologist Zeenah Adam of Umbrella Wellbeing. Zeenah has worked in the NGO & community space in Aotearoa, so understands the particular challenges involved.

You’ll be able to identify things you’re already doing to support your holistic wellbeing, & pick up new practical & helpful hauora strategies. There’ll be a chance to ask your pātai, too.



Buy two, gift one

This year we invite organisations around Aotearoa New Zealand to consider supporting charities and other do-good initiatives by offering them a place at our  Managing Mental Health in the Workplace  workshop or sponsoring a wellbeing booster session for them. We call it “buy two, gift one” – speak to our team if you want to purchase a ticket in support of your chosen charity or community group!


FREE WEBINAR: Leading wellbeing kōrero in dispersed teams

Free webinar and Q&A session
28 September at 10:00 AM


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FREE TRIAL: Umbrella Wellbeing Assessment

Learn more about top work and non-work factors that are influencing your people’s wellbeing this Mental Health Awareness Week. 


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